Foundational Knowledge plus high-quality teacher induction that includes 2-years of mentoring by talented experienced teachers guided by a Formative Assessment and Support (FAS) system results in new teachers who demonstrate the skills and traits of great teachers and of future teacher leaders; the seven core capabilities and three dispositions of highly effective teachers.


and maintains a culture of safety, respect and rapport

Knows how to make content accessible to all learners

Plans standards based instruction and formative assessments for transfer and independence

Uses a variety of instructional strategies to meet different student needs, develop student competencies and achieve instructional purposes

Engages and challenges and deepens conceptual understanding through critical thinking, complex problem solving, academic discussions and student reflection

Analyzes student performance to determine the impact of instruction on student learning, provide feedback, and plan instructional next steps

Collaborates with colleagues, resource personnel and families to support student learning


3 DISPOSITIONS of highly effective teachers:

Teachers ask questions, inquire, and experiment in an effort to reach every student. They are willing to take risks and try out new ideas or strategies if they think it will help their students.

Teachers hold high expectations and believe that all students can learn. They persevere in solving complex issues of practice, care deeply, and are committed to their students.

Teachers are open to feedback from colleagues, students, and families, seek opportunities to grow professionally, and take responsibility for their students' learning.