How do mentors help new teachers learn and apply differentiation strategies that significantly increase student achievement? This two-day professional development workshop, designed for experienced mentors, refines and extends mentoring practices that involve five components of planning and providing differentiated instruction. Participants explore:

  • essential components of differentiation,
  • strategies for pre-assessment, flexible grouping, and tiered instruction,
  • how to identify and create entry points that help new teachers assess learning needs that require differentiated curriculum and instruction, and
  • mentoring language, tools, case studies, and formative assessment processes that help new teachers improve differentiation.

This workshop is appropriate for teacher mentors who are new to or experienced with differentiation. It is designed to support the work of mentors, subject matter coaches, teacher leaders, cooperating teachers, intern supervisors, principals, assessment coordinators, and administrators of induction programs that support beginning teachers.

Differentiated Instruction: Entry Points for Mentors helps participants:

  • Identify effective mentoring entry points that support a new teacher’s differentiated instruction
  • Apply the five components of differentiation to content area instruction
  • Apply formative assessment mentoring tools (e.g., Analysis of Student Work, Lesson Planning, Observation and Case Studies) as means of integrating differentiated instruction into new teacher’s practice.
  • Apply pre-assessment tools and strategies in mentoring and classroom teaching
  • Apply flexible grouping and tiered instruction strategies to mentoring
  • Build their capacity to disseminate instructional concepts and strategies throughout their professional contexts

NTC’s mentor practitioners have compiled subject-area and grade-level resources that help mentors support new teachers as they differentiate to meet student learning needs. The compilation packets include resources such as:

  • Pre-assessment strategies
  • Cubing activities
  • Tiered instruction strategies
  • Classroom observation tools for collecting data on differentiation

This teacher Induction professional development workshop is offered customized for districts and those practicing with the Charlotte Danielson Four Domains. 

All Beginning Mentor Teacher Induction Professional Development  modules, Year One of the Mentor Academy Series, or comparable professional development is required as a prerequisite.