The NTC Induction Survey provides a simple, rapid and adaptable assessment of your teacher induction program. Completed online, the Induction Survey provides program administrators with colorful, lively reports that reflect the responses of beginning teachers, mentors and site administrators to questions, both scaled and open-ended, about new teacher support.

The survey is fully customizable and is being administered to educators across the country working in a variety of roles, including new administrators and their coaches, and those involved with teacher preparation. In addition to basic reports, program leaders can also receive disaggregated reports sorted by participant information or question response, raw data from any of the three surveys, data analysis, presentation and/or professional development provided by NTC researchers. In 2010, the Induction Survey was administered to 29 programs representing nearly 400 districts in more than 11 states to over 7,901 beginning teachers, mentors and site

Through the Induction Survey, NTC offers program administrators with the data and information that help them:

  • Measure program impact
  • Implement programmatic changes to improve
  • Teacher and mentor support
  • Improve professional development programs
  • Develop stakeholder and annual reports