Make sure every beginning educator receives high-quality support
Accelerate new educator development through policy
Support standards-based induction programs

New Teacher Center offers a wide array of services to policy makers and policy professionals to ensure the development of effective programs and practices around teacher and principal induction. Bringing it's deep educational policy expertise to a range of key stakeholders, the NTC is committed to ensuring collaborative, research-based consultation and support that ultimately leads to better outcomes for teachers, administrators, and, most importantly, students.

New Teacher Center's Teaching and Learning Conditions Initiative is rooted in the Teaching & Learning Conditions Survey, a statewide*, online, validated survey of school-based educators that assesses teaching conditions throughout an education system and provides school-by-school information on educator perceptions of whether critical conditions are present.


This report compares the 2012-13 results of the NTC's Teaching Empowering Leading and Learning (TELL) survey of educator perceptions of their teaching and learning conditions, at the state level in nine states across the country.

This Policy Brief explores the intersection between state induction policy and local induction program implementation and examines the question: How does state policy impact the development and quality of local induction programs?

This Research Brief provides an example of a benefit-cost scenario of a comprehensive mentoring program which can be used by educational decision-makers, whether at school, district, or policy levels, to initiate similar discussions that may guide them in spending their education dollars.

This report shines the spotlight on one aspect of teacher work: the importance of mentoring and the leading role that exemplary, experienced teachers are taking in this endeavor.  Published by the College Board, the report  is the fourth in an ongoing series of reports on the importance of teaching and teacher quality.

This Policy Brief discusses how the learning curve of new teachers presents challenges to student achievement and provides a new vision for teacher development supported by a host of promising examples.