19 Sep 2011
Reflections Newsletter

This Winter 2008 issue of Reflections is devoted to policy in response to the voices of school district leaders who clearly called upon the NTC to strengthen our professional focus on state policy. They understand the supportive role that such policy can play for district- and school-based induction programs.

State policy must move beyond mentoring-lite and enable comprehensive, high-quality induction programs to blossom. But too many states mandate mentoring in the absence of adequate (or any) funding, solid program standards or mentor training.  The following articles support this conclusion.

Articles from this issue:

The Costs and Benefits of a Comprehensive Induction Program

A Marshall Plan for Teaching

Policy Matters

School Leaders Shape Teaching and Learning

Mentoring in a Time of Scarcity

Governor’s Master Teacher Program: Building from the Ground Up

Some State Policy Initiatives

Making Our Voices Heard

High Quality Mentoring and Induction Practices

New Teacher Induction in Challenging Schools: How We Get It Wrong and How We Make It Right