Based on the pioneering work of North Carolina Governor Mike Easley and the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Commission, the Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Survey began in 2002 has now been replicated across the nation.

New Teacher Center (NTC) assists states and school districts in administering the anonymous survey and has a proven track record of successful administration in more than one dozen states. Working with a broad coalition of stakeholders, policymakers and practitioners NTC will:

1. Design a Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey and communications plan that best reflects the needs of the state or district.

The Survey is an online tool that collects the view of ALL teachers, principals and other licensed educators. Survey design is based on a validated set of questions we have used in other states. On the Survey, respondents share perceptions related to student achievement and teacher retention by answering questions focused on the presence of critical teaching conditions across key constructs including:

  • Time
  • Facilities & Resources
  • Community Support & Involvement
  • Managing Student Conduct
  • Teacher Leadership
  • School Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Instructional Practices & Support
  • New Teacher Support

NTC’s experience and expertise guides coalition partners on the best way to promote and encourage survey participation.

2. Administer an anonymous, online Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey.

NTC implements and administers a web-based survey tool. Every school-based educator receives an anonymous login code that identifies the school in which they work and ensures that they are able to take the Survey once only. NTC works with our partners to launch and widely promote the Survey and encourage participation and ensure high response rates.

3. Produce, publish and help communicate Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey results

Where a sufficient response rate is received, NTC produces individual school and district results, as well as an aggregated state report that allows for comparison of teaching conditions at the school, district and state level.

4.  Analyze Teaching Conditions Survey results and explore connections

Using the data and information from the survey NTC is able to explore the connections between the presence of positive teaching environments and other variables such as student achievement and teacher retention. This includes specific analyses for subsets of schools or educators.

5.  Design training materials that facilitate use of the data

NTC designs training materials that can be utilized by coalition partners to understand and use the Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey results for school improvement planning and informed decision-making around policy and practice.

Learn more about how the Initiative has been used to inform policy and practice.

ATTENTION State and District Leaders: Are you interested in administering the TELL Survey in the spring of 2015?  Please email NTC at