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The Mentor Academy Series is a sequenced curriculum of mentor professional development  that supports teacher induction teams through the development of comprehensive mentoring knowledge and skills using the NTC Formative Assessment and Support (FAS) system while building a community of learners who support each other’s growth as professional mentors.

NTC’s Professional Learning Series (PLS) is a targeted professional development series designed to advance the skills, abilities, and knowledge of mentors and coaches with limited release time. The series is designed to ensure that experienced teachers, who are recruited to mentor beginning teachers, become effective teachers of teachers.

The Professional Learning Series for Instructional Coaches (PLS IC) develops skills related to adult learning theory, coaching language and stances, and assessing and advancing teaching practice aligned with Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning.

The New Teacher Center’s e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) is an innovative nationwide content and exceptionality specific, asynchronous, online mentoring program that supports the professional growth and development, and increases the retention of new teachers. Through eMSS, new and veteran teachers and university faculty collaborate in an interactive community to advance high quality teaching for all students.

This one-day consultation and facilitation program offers induction program leaders an integrated professional growth system to support mentor development, accountability, supervision, and assessment that builds a mentoring capacity and delivers the greatest value to their program.

Module 16, 5th Grade English Language Arts: Using Prepositions, shows a beginning teacher developing reading comprehension phrases. Students work independently and in small groups to write sentences with prepositional phrases and analogous pictures.

Module 17, English Language Arts: Text-to-Self (4th Grade), shows a beginning teacher using a Read-Aloud activity to support reading comprehension. Students access their prior knowledge, make predictions, compare information, and describe text-to-self connections. The teacher uses a Venn Diagram as a discussion and pre-writing prompt.

New Teacher Center’s oral language development website is designed to help educators explore ways to think deeply and specifically about oral language in their classrooms, across grade levels and the school curriculum.

The summer 2012 edition of  Reflections  focuses on how districts can ensure the success and sustainability of their teacher induction program. Key articles explore how the most successful programs are based on a systemic approach that includes; rigorous program design, evaluation for continuous improvement and engaged school leaders who can provide the all important supportive context and conditions.

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