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Blended coaching model at the heart of our Principal Induction program

NTC’s Principal Induction program focuses on principals as teacher developers and culture-shapers. The program is designed to build new principal capacity with two big goals in mind:

  • To provide effective feedback to teachers and
  • To create thriving school cultures that positively impact teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Throughout the two-year program, principals work together with their coaches to gather student performance data and evidence of teaching practice via observation protocols, quick visits to classrooms, and other similar strategies. Through participation in the program, principals will develop the skills to combine these multiple data sources and to use them to deliver feedback aimed at improving instruction and teacher performance.

The Principal Induction Program is a comprehensive approach that builds upon the knowledge and structure of NTC’s proven comprehensive teacher induction programs. Integral to the program is a proven leadership coaching program called Coaching Leaders to Attain Student Success (CLASS).

This coaching model is outlined in the book Blended Coaching: Skills and Strategies for Principal Development.

Together the CLASS professional development and Blended Coaching methodology embody a unique approach to the development of effective school leadership. The Blended Coaching model aligns with NTC’s formative assessment philosophy and approach and has been demonstrated to elicit the best leadership skills in each principal. In a 2007 report entitled Getting Principal Mentoring Right: Lessons from the Field, The Wallace Foundation, the nation’s leading foundation and think tank on school leadership development, recommended the Blended Coaching model and CLASS training has been embraced nationwide.

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